Screening Criteria at Trinity Lakes in Cordova, Tennessee

Screening Criteria


Occupancy standards vary by location and jurisdiction based on the size of the available units and/or any local ordinances regarding occupancy standards.

1. Verifications. This community utilizes an Identity Verification service. This service may contact you via text to verify your identity as part of the application process. Government issued photo identification will need to be presented by all applicants and co-signors [who are present at the property]. All applicants are required to have a verifiable income. Certain verifiable income levels may be required. Examples of identification and income verification documents can be provided by contacting the management office.

2. Occupancy Background. CLK maintains a list of former residents who are excluded from renting at any property managed by us because of a negative previous occupancy history at one of our properties. If your application is rejected because of a negative previous occupancy history at one of our properties, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of the consumer-reporting agency where you can obtain a copy of this information. An applicant rejected for a negative previous occupancy history at one of our properties is encouraged to obtain a copy of the occupancy report, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report and submit a new application to this community for further consideration.

3. Scoring of your Consumer Credit Report. CLK uses an empirically derived, statistically sound, credit scoring system to evaluate your consumer credit report. Credit scoring is based on real data and statistics, including income ratio and your consumer credit report, so it treats all applicants objectively. Your consumer credit report contains information about you and your credit experiences, such as, your bill-payment history, the number and type of accounts that you have, late payments, collection actions, outstanding debt, and the age of your accounts. Using a statistical program, we compare this information to the credit performance of other applicants with similar profiles which allows us to predict how likely it is that you will pay your rent in a timely manner and fulfill your other lease obligations. If you would like information regarding how to improve your credit score, please let us know and we will provide you with more detailed information regarding this process. Based upon your credit score, your application will either be accepted, rejected or accepted on the condition that an additional nonrefundable administrative fee and/or security deposit be paid. If your application is rejected or is accepted with conditions, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agencies, which provided your consumer information to us. An applicant rejected for unsatisfactory credit is encouraged to obtain a copy of the credit report, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report and submit a new application to this community for further consideration.

4. Criminal Background Search (for use with Criminal Recommendation Product). If your application is accepted or accepted with conditions, we will conduct a criminal background search. It is our policy not to lease to applicants who have been arrested or convicted of certain felonies or misdemeanors. We have a pre-defined selection configuration, which has been provided to our Criminal Search vendor. Prior to final acceptance of any applicant, our Criminal Search vendor will search for criminal background information on each applicant. If a report is found, it will be compared to our pre-selected criteria and a determination regarding whether an applicant meets our criteria will be made. If your application is rejected based upon our pre-selected criteria, you will be given the name, address and telephone number of the consumer reporting agencies, which provided your criminal information to us. An applicant rejected for an unsatisfactory criminal background is encouraged to obtain a copy of the criminal report, correct any erroneous information that may be on the report and submit a new application to this community for further consideration.

5. For applicants of Cook County, IL Only: Consideration of criminal history information: CLK considers an applicant’s criminal history according to the guidelines of federal, state, and local law. Pursuant to the Cook County Human Rights Ordinance, CLK does not inquire about, consider, or require disclosure of an applicant’s criminal history prior to determining whether the applicant has satisfied all other application criteria for housing. Applicant has the right to provide CLK with any and all evidence demonstrating inaccuracies within any conviction history of Applicant, or evidence of rehabilitation and/or other mitigating factors. Applicant may produce any evidence that disputes the accuracy or relevance of information related to any criminal conviction(s) of Applicant. The website of the Cook County Commission on Human Rights is available at: Address: Cook County Commission on Human Rights, 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 3040, Chicago, Illinois 60602

6. Alabama Residents. Anyone under the age of 19 and not married would be subject to CLK co-signer policy. (Code of Alabama26-1-1-).

7. Anything in this application to the contrary notwithstanding, this document is merely an application to enter into a lease or rental agreement and there is no landlord-tenant relationship established, nor any right of occupancy until such time as a lease agreement has been entered into and signed by all parties along with any other documents which may be necessary to finalize the leasing of the leased premises. If for any reason, a lease agreement is not signed by all parties, then neither party shall have any further obligation to the other as to the rental and/or occupancy of the property for which this application was submitted. Further, in the event that a lease agreement is entered into which provides for a date certain move in, if the subject premises to be leased is not otherwise available through no fault of CLK Multi-Family Management and/or the landlord of the property, then and in any such event, CLK Multi-Family Management and /or the landlord for the said property shall have no liability to the applicant/resident associated with any such delay, and should said leased premises not be available by said date certain, then either party may elect to cancel the lease agreement without further obligation on behalf of either party or to extend the move-in date to a date certain when the premises may then become available.

8. I hereby consent to receive autodialed calls, robocalls, text messages, and/or pre-recorded calls, including telemarketing calls or messages from or on behalf of CLK at the telephone number provided, including my wireless number, if applicable. These calls/messages will include emergency notification of fire, tornado, flood, etc.; customer satisfaction inquiry following completion of service request; balance due notification; temporary suspension of water or other utility service; invitation to resident activity; and/or lease expiration or violation. I understand that my consent is not a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services.

Prior to move-in, proof of liability insurance with a limit of liability of $100,000 and the CLK property listed as an additional interested party must be provided by you. This coverage must be maintained by you for the full term of your residency.

I certify that the facts set forth in this Application For Rental are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and are made in good faith. I understand that knowing and willful false statement on this application is grounds for rejections by the rental manager. I hereby consent to allow CLK Multifamily Management (hereafter CLK) through its designated agent and its employees, to obtain and verify my credit information [(including a criminal background search and previous occupancy history)] for the purpose of determining whether or not to lease to me an apartment. I understand that should I lease an apartment, CLK and its agent shall have a continuing right to review my credit information, rental application, criminal background, payment history and occupancy history for account review purposes and for improving application methods. It is understood that the Application is a part of the Lease and Resident hereby affirms that the statements and information contained in the Application are true and correct and that the Resident's authority to the Landlord to obtain credit information through the use of a Credit Reporting Agency, including, but not limited to the obtaining of a Consumer Credit Report on the Resident is a continuing right agreed upon by the Resident including, but not limit to credit verification, skip- tracing, or the collection of any delinquent account which the Resident may maintain with the Landlord.

Where allowable by state and local law, I agree that the Security Deposit and/or Administrative Fee may not be applied as rent and that the full monthly rent will be paid on or before the first day of every month including the last month of occupancy. If this application for rental is accepted, I further agree that the deposit and/or administrative fee will not be refunded if I decide not to move in. Any administrative fees paid are not security deposits and will not be used to mitigate damages and/or refunded upon moving out. I understand that the application fees paid are nonrefundable and contain a convenience fee as outlined in the payment breakdown. I certify that the information entered for payment is authorized and agree to make payment in accordance with my cardholder statement.